Out of the Darkness // Suicide Prevention Walk

Today I participated in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, a cause championed by UH Engineering Faculty Dr. Kathy Zerda.  Dr. Zerda lost her son to suicide and has since brought the cause to the UH campus.  Last year we made a video, but today I participated in the walk (with the help of my two dogs) and took some photos with my "new" Nikkor 85mm lens.  It was a fantastic experience, and it was great to see how the cause has grown since last year. This year, the 5th year of the walk, over $20,000 was raised, double the $10,000 goal! Browse the gallery below, and visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Facebook Page for more information.

Rush Soccer Shoot

Last weekend we caught up with Rush Soccer to shoot some training videos for the Club’s upcoming website and interactive app. Since we had free time, creative desire, and an ARRI Light kit at our disposal we decided to experiment with some photography. The goal was to recreate a look from an old Nike Soccer shoot.

So we waited until it was pitch black out and blasted the goal and the players with a 1000-watt, two 650-watt lights, and set up a few uncooperative flashes. Despite blowing a fuse (twice), nearly electrocuting a coach, and temporarily blinding our subjects, we managed to construct a dramatic aesthetic.

 Enjoy some of the stills below. 

Thrillist 33 Best New Bars in America 2013

Houston's own Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar and Spirit Lodge was featured by Thrillist in a feature on the 33 Best New Bars in America.  Owner Justin Burrow (of the beloved Anvil) has created an understated yet sophisticated speakeasy in the burgeoning Market Square area.  Not ashamed to say I enjoyed a few drinks while working.  Take a look at the gallery for more, the Thrillist piece can be found here.

Wade & Claire

Wade & Claire are expecting their first child together and needed some photos to send to family along with the announcement.  I had taken some candid shots of guests at their wedding in 2011, which they later told me they preferred over the hired photographer's work (feels good). We met in the Menil Collection park at magic hour for the shoot, and they were thrilled with the photos.  Take a look.