Soluta Health

We just launched a new website for Soluta Health.  Soluta is a subsidiary of Boon Chapman, specializing in EMR products, as well as other technical solutions for the healthcare industry.  It's tough to find a marketing site that doesn't heavily rely on stock photos, so much so that they become indistinguishable from one another.  In doing research, I found myself to struggling to understand what most of these sites were even marketing, other than the obvious call-to-actions.  The project blossomed into a 50/50 split of photography and responsive web design.

HTML 5 Applications

I was tasked by one of our beloved clients, TestOil, to build an iOS & Android (and Windows Phone) friendly web application to help diagnose equipment failure for the energy industry. Web applications are a fantastic, cost-effective method to expand branded content. The beauty lies in the ability to create cross-platform content that looks great on any device and OS. As more and more users move away from browsing on a computer, the importance of having responsive web-content has never been higher. HTML 5 apps are easier to design than even a standard webpage, given that mobile users less frequently use out of date devices and browsers that typically plague web designers. Most smartphones have a 2-3 year life span before the screen shatters or the handset has been plunked into the toilet so many times that a field of dry rice couldn't save the internal components. 

TestOil's PocketAnalyst™ was a blast to build, coming through a few design iterations to ensure functionality (and readability) across mobile and desktop users.  I love to use newer CSS 3 techniques like keyframe animations that typically aren't supported by older browsers, therefore minimizing the amount of javascript duty. I also got to finally employ my copy of Adobe Edge Animate, which significantly cut down build time. Most importantly, I now see the immense value in the flexibility of web applications. With the ability for users to set them as bookmark icons on their homescreen, its like being available in every app store without having to jump through any of the associated hoops.

Out of the Darkness // Suicide Prevention Walk

Today I participated in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, a cause championed by UH Engineering Faculty Dr. Kathy Zerda.  Dr. Zerda lost her son to suicide and has since brought the cause to the UH campus.  Last year we made a video, but today I participated in the walk (with the help of my two dogs) and took some photos with my "new" Nikkor 85mm lens.  It was a fantastic experience, and it was great to see how the cause has grown since last year. This year, the 5th year of the walk, over $20,000 was raised, double the $10,000 goal! Browse the gallery below, and visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Facebook Page for more information.